In English

Silmukka is the Finnish word for ’stitch’ or ’loop’.


Silmukka started in 2016 as a little local yarn shop in Tampere, Finland. The brick-and-mortar shop closed after February 2020, and we carry on as a web shop and dyeing studio. The web shop delivers within Finland.

Silmukkalangat (Silmukka Yarns) were premiered in the end of 2019, when our two sisters team started to explore our more creative side with hand-dyeing yarn. There is still so much more to try out, discover and do with that 😉

The shop carries a changing selection of lovely yarns, some hand-dyed small brands and some commercial ones. On a more regular basis you can find our own brand of hand-dyed skeins, Biches et Bûches Lambswool and lovely plant-dyed skeins from  Town Dyer. We enjoy natural fibres, softness, rustic wool and colourful yarn therapy.

Silmukka is also in Instagram and Facebook (in Finnish).